Summer Storm

When I was a growing up the scent of a summer storm was my most favourite.

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Bargain Shopping in TESCO Nitra

In the new leaflet with the special offers from TESCO we found they have big sales on bedding including double duvet covers, so we decided to go and check them out on Sunday,

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Pizza Time

I and my boyfriend love pizza. Used to get it all the time in the UK - eat in, take away, order home.

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What do we Speak of when we Speak of Ice Hockey

Everybody in Slovakia is a big fan of ice hockey. Well, ok - there may be some exceptions, but they are very very very rare. It is a matter of national pride, demonstration of patriotism.

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Take the Night Bus – Save on Cab Fares!

On of the most important requirements for a fulfilling nightlife on a budget is knowing your night buses. There is nothing as discouraging as finding yourself in the middle of the night stranded in a foreign city

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Slovakia is Great, but…

Slovak ex-expatriate – coming back to the home country after over ten years abroad and finding that although she still loves Slovakia, she feels the need for certain things to start changing for her to truly feel…

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